Album "Chilombo" - Co Exectuive Producer | Producer | Engineer
Disney's "RAYA" title song "Lead the Way" (producer/engineer)
Grammy nominated "Album of the year" (producer/engineer)
ASCAP "most played RNB song of the year" (producer/engineer)
Itunes #1 charts
Billboard charts
Plat 2x - Song "Triggered"
Plat 2x - Song "None of Your Concern"
Plat 1x - Song "Pussy Fairy"
Gold - "Summer 2020"
Gold - "OTW"

- VISIBLE WIRELESS (theme song and Jingle) (producer/engineer)
- TEAM USA X DELLOITE (scoring) (producer/engineer)
- 1x Gold - Song "I was sad last night" (producer)
- Hiphop charts - Song "Pain Boy Advanced" (producer)
- YUNA -
- 1x Gold - Song "Crush ft. USHER" (producer)


* #1 RNB Charts Single: Jhene Aiko “triggered”
*#1 RNB Charts Album: Jhene Aiko “trip”
*Gold Album Jhene Aiko “trip”
*Gold Album Anderson Paak “Malibu”
*Grammy nomination: Album “Malibu” Anderson .Paak (coproduction with Anderson .Paak)
*Grammy nomination: Album “Chapters” Yuna (coproduction with Fisticuffs)
Louis Armstrong Jazz Piano Award 2008
Downbeat Jazz Magazine College Winner for composition and performance 2011
Produced tracks that were placed on ABC (Mixology)
Produced tracks for the VH1 Library
Studio work with Jhene Aiko to be released 2019
ASAHI TV placements "FANTASIA" (producer)


Album “Complaint” George Watsky “Limo for Emos”, “What goes up”, “Feels Alright”, “MAD” (Producer)
Album “Letters of Irrelevance” Patrick Paige II “Voodoo” and “The Last Letter”(CoPro and Keyboards)
Album “Juice” EP Tobilou “Birthday boy”, “Goaty”, “Sadderday”, “Lavender Town” (Producer)
Single “” Tobilou (CoPro and Keyboards)
Album “Heart” EP AWICH “If She Cries” (Producer)
Album “CINEMATIC” BENI “cry” (Producer)
Album “Good Job” Hongyo.JP “Just do it”, “Banana Party” (Producer)
Album "Trip" Jhene Aiko "New Balance" and "Picture Perfect” (Producer)
Album "WA to YO" AI "I can't Pretend" and "Gui Gui" (Producer)
Album “Blue” Taichi “Memories” (Producer)
Album "RUSH" Riri "Next to you" Remix (Producer)
Album “Malibu” Anderson .Pack “Put Me Thru”, “The Bird”, (CoPro and Keyboards)
Album “Chapters” Yuna “Poor Heart”, “Crush”, “Mannequin” (CoPro and Keyboards)
Album “We Love Disney” - “In a World of my Own” Jhene Aiko and David Foster (Producer and Keyboards)
Album “Cardboard Castles” George Watsky (CoPro and Keyboards)
Album “All You Can Do” George Watsky (CoPro and Keyboards)
Album “Take the Stares” Dumbfoundead (CoPro and Keyboards)


UCLA Jazz Ambassadors Euro tour 2011
Nas/Lauryn Hill/Jhene Aiko tour "Life is Good" 2012
Watsky/Dumbfoundead tour 2012
Watsky Euro Tour 2013
Josh Groban/Judith Hill "In the Round" tour 2013
Judith hill east coast tour 2013-2014
The Weekend/Schoolboy Q/Jhene Aiko "King of the Fall" tour 2014
Jhene Aiko "Enter the Void tour" 2014
JCole/Jhene Aiko "Forrest Hills Drive" tour 2014
Aditya Prakash Ensemble India Tour 2015
Jhene Aiko Malaysia Austraila tour Oct 2016
AI “The Best Tour” Arena Japan 2016
Snoop Dogg/Whiz Khalifa/Kevin Gates/Jhene Aiko “High Road Tour” 2016
Khalid Euro tour 2017
Khalid US Radio tour 2017
RIRI US tour 2017
Jhene Aiko Trip Tour 2017
Lana Del Rey/Jhene Aiko 2018
Jhene Aiko Trip Tour EURO/ASIA/AUS (2018)
Mythili and Aditya Prakash World Tour MARA 2018